Bullard 88634 16 x 1/8" T1 Cutoff Wheels

16 x 1/8" | T1 Cut-Off Wheels | Gas/Electric Portable Saws | 20mm Arbor | BA 88634 | Box 5


  • $119.40

  • AC24R Professional Grade. 24 Grit. 4800 Rpm. For pipe, cast iron, concrete, coated steel.
  • Our wheels have been engineered to perform under the toughest operating environments when consistency and dependability is required. Bullard wheels are specifically manufactured for maximum performance on a multitude of workplace materials, for ductile iron, masonry, steel, rail and decking applications. Our range of wheels are requested from job site to job site. High Energy portable cut-off saw specifications are designed to be versatile performers on all types and sizes of metal and masonry materials. Utilizing a special bond system developed by Bullard engineers, these wheels out cut and out last competitors while offering excellent value on a price/performance ratio.

    The best blend of performance with extended wheel life and smooth vibration-free operation.

    Main application - ductile pipe, cast iron, concrete, coated steel, sewer and water mains.

    A combination of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grain.

    ISO 9001 Certified. Made by Bullard Abrasives in the U.S.A., Canada and Taiwan.

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