Bullard 80430 14 x 1/8" T1 Cutoff Wheels

14 x 1/8" | T1 Cut-Off Wheels | Gas/Electric Portable Saws | 1" Arbor | BA 80430 | Box 10


  • $119.14

  • C24R Premium Grade. 24 Grit. 5460 Rpm. For cured concrete & masonry.
  • Our wheels have been engineered to perform under the toughest operating environments when consistency and dependability is required. Bullard wheels are specifically manufactured for maximum performance on a multitude of workplace materials, for ductile iron, masonry, steel, rail and decking applications. Our range of wheels are requested from job site to job site. Lightning specifications offer industrial performance at a modest price. Manufactured in the USA, the quality and high-performance in both metal and concrete formulations exceed the performance of lower cost imports yet only cost a fraction more. A real value for the budget minded buyer.

    Excellent performance that exceeds most lower-cost imports, yet only costs a fraction more.

    Main application - cured concrete, masonry, brick, block and stone.

    One of the most popular wheels for all around cutting of masonry materials.

    Silicon carbide grain.

    ISO 9001 Certified. Made by Bullard Abrasives in the U.S.A., Canada and Taiwan.

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