27/64” 135 Deg. Black and Gold Drill Bits - Jobber Length

27/64" 135 Deg. Black and Gold Drill Bits | Jobber Length | 6-Pack


  • $42.67

    Our professional heavy-duty black and gold high speed drill bits come in sizes from 1/16” to 1/2". The drill bits are made of premium high speed hardened steel. The quality of these drill bits allow them to last 3 times longer and drill 2 times faster than standard bits.
  • Premium M2 high speed steel allows the drill bits to run cooler and last longer by making the drill bits harder and stronger.
  • Black and gold surface finish adds lubricity to the tool keeping metal chips from adhering to the tool.
  • NAS 907B 135-degree split point drills on contact eliminating walking along with requiring less force or push.
  • Sizes 3/16 in. and larger have a flatted shank to eliminate slipping in the chuck, sizes above 3/8 in. have a flatted shanks and a 3/8 in. reduced shank to fit a 3/8 in. chuck.
  • Available in both individual sizes and in kits.

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