Bullard 93607 6 x 0.040" T1 Cutoff Wheels

6 X 0.040" | T1 Angle Grinder Cutoff Wheels | 7/8" Arbor | BA 93607 | Box 25


  • $100.64

  • ZA60T Industrial Grade. 60 Grit. 10200 Rpm. For stainless steel and high tensile alloys.
  • Bullard’s thin Type 1 Cutting Wheels are offered in a wide range of specifications to meet any cutting applications using a right angle grinder. Industry leading performance and quality. Max Force thin cut-off wheels turn your grinder into a turbocharged cutting machine. These are the fastest cutting and longest lasting wheels we have ever designed – they tackle every type and cross-section of material with impressive results. If you are a using a high powered grinder and want to maximize performance, Max Force wheels are the ones that will get you to the winner’s circle.

    Legendary performance. The fastest cutting and longest lasting wheels ever designed by Bullard.

    Main application - stainless steel and high tensile alloys.

    Secondary application - ferrous metals (structural steel, iron, welds, etc). A thin .040 performance wheel.

    Zirconia grain - specially designed for faster cutting and long life.

    ISO 9001 Certified. Made by Bullard Abrasives in the U.S.A., Canada and Taiwan.

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