#10 X 1 Unslotted Hex Washer Head | Self-Drilling Screw | Neoprene Washer | Zinc Plated | DP3 | Bulk Box 3000


  • $146.26

  • 30 Lbs Net Weight.
  • For light-to-heavy gauge metal-to-metal.
  • Self-Drilling Tip DP3.
  • Unslotted Hex Washer Head with Self-Sealing Neoprene Washer for waterproofing applications.
  • Zinc Plated Low Carbon Steel
  • Available in sizes #8, #10, #12, #14.
  • Use Zinc-plated self-drilling screws with Steel Back Neoprene Washer for light to heavy gauge metal to metal fastening applications such as sheet metal to steel stud. The self-Sealing Neoprene washer prevents water intrusion. Self-Drilling screw point is available in DP2 and DP3. Please check the description of each item when ordering. TORNILLO AUTOTALADRANTE CON CABEZY Y ARANDELA HEXAGONALES CON NEOPRENO 

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