[450] Mag-Bit 901 Cutting Fluid

For use with Mag-Saw, Shark-Bit, Long Boy, Step Drills, and Silver & Deming bits when cutting  metals.

Sold in point-of-purchase 12 pack display. Contains 12 bottles, each 2 ounces which can be diluted with water to make 1.56 gallons of cutting fluid.
• Tapping, drilling & sawing @ 20:1 dilution.
• Spray mist applications @ 20:1 dilution.
• Grinding @ 20:1 dilution.
• Turning, milling, threading & cutting @ 20:1 dilution.

• Highly concentrated, recommended dilution 1 part MAG-LUBE to 20 parts water.
• Excellent rust control on all metals: No in-process rust or rework.
• Low foaming, low misting. Water soluble.
• Non-nitrited, non-halogenated, non-silicone or silicate, nonphenolic.
• Rated insignificant under N.F.P.A. hazard rating for both fire and health.


Applications: Sawing, Drilling, Cutting, Tapping, Milling, Grinding, Reaming, 
Turning. Materials: All metals (except magnesium) Fiberglass, Composites,
Ceramics, Quartz, Glass and Ferrite.



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