[400] MAG-BIT 357DLX Heavy Duty Ship Augers

8" OAL x 5" Twist Length

• Molybdenum coated for cooler running
• Cuts nails
• Manufactured from higher grade steel
• Glides through wood with less binding, bores faster
• Ejects chips faster
• Stays sharper longer
• No run out, machined on a true center 

Molybdenum Coated: Molybdenum cools and lubricates the bit. The bit stays sharper longer because the heat treatment lasts longer. The bit ejects chips and bores faster than ordinary bits and binds less, even in wet or resinous woods.

Deeper Lands: For a stronger less flexible bit. 

Countershark: Bits 5/8" and larger in diameter will accept the Mag-Bit counter bore tools, available in 1-1/2", 2-1/4" and 3-1/4" diameters.

Extensions: Quick Change and Universal Shank.



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